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Il governo di allora rispose lanciando la più grande missione umanitaria nel Mediterraneo, Mare Nostrum. Il mio pensiero oggi non va solo alle vittime, ma anche a chi si impegna, ogni giorno, a salvare vite umane, alle donne e agli uomini della Guardia Costiera italiana, ai sindaci impegnati nell'accoglienza e integrazione, alle ONG, purtroppo sempre più criminalizzate per la loro attività umanitaria.

Vorrei che questa data fosse ricordata come Giornata della memoria per onorare tutti gli uomini, le donne e i bambini che hanno perso la vita perché costretti a lasciare il proprio paese. To begin with, I would like to underline the importance of common values, such as democracy, the rule of law and human rights, as cornerstones of the European Union. It is crucial that every Member State respects, protects and promotes them. Values like the rule of law and the separation of powers are not negotiable and have to be at the heart of our attention.

It is of great importance to stay in constant dialogue and to cooperate in order to ensure the best standards and conditions for all citizens. The Council reiterated the importance for Romania of focusing on further consolidation and fully addressing the concerns in the recommendations set out by the Commission in its report on progress achieved in Romania under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism.

Of great value, cambiamento rusky del sesso, are the widely acknowledged opinions of the Venice Commission. The Presidency is aware that the Romanian authorities are in constant contact with both the Venice Commission and the European Commission to find solutions to the issues raised. I trust that all sides are taking the issues raised in this dialogue seriously, as they go to the heart of our commitment to this Union. In this sense we hope that the ongoing exchange between the Romanian authorities and the Commission will continue to prove efficient in addressing these issues in a manner that leaves no doubt about our core values.

We are all aware that the initiatives taken by the Romanian authorities since concerning the reform of the justice laws, the criminal procedure and criminal codes and cambiamento rusky del sesso processes regarding the judiciary have led to concerns from a wide range of stakeholders, both inside and outside Romania and the EU.

Many Romanians are worried that the proposed changes to these laws may undermine the longstanding efforts in the fight against cambiamento rusky del sesso and the independence of cambiamento rusky del sesso judiciary. These are concerns that the Commission very much shares.

It focuses on concrete national measures and engages in a dialogue with the authorities. In these matters, the Commission is politically colour-blind and clinical in our cambiamento rusky del sesso. That is the case for Romania just as much as for any other Member State. With your permission, Cambiamento rusky del sesso will set out the main developments in Romania. First, regarding the justice laws: the three justice laws, dating back todefine the status of magistrates and organise cambiamento rusky del sesso judicial system and the Superior Council of Magistracy.

At the end of last year, the laws were amended by the Romanian Parliament. These amendments have been challenged several times before the Constitutional Court. These cambiamento rusky del sesso have attracted criticism from institutions inside Romania and from outside.

It made a series of recommendations. The final opinion is expected to be adopted later this month. I know this House will pay as close attention to that opinion as we will at the Commission, but unfortunately the fact is that the Romanian Parliament has so far not shown signs of responding to the opinions and recommendations.

Cambiamento rusky del sesso, as concerns the overhaul of the criminal codes and the code of criminal procedures, in May the Romanian Parliament launched a procedure to amend the criminal code and the code of criminal procedures.

They were passed in the months of June and July. The Romanian law enforcement authorities, as well as other Member States, expressed their concerns. The amendments have been challenged before the Constitutional Court, and judgments are expected in mid-October. The Venice Commission is preparing another opinion on these amended codes, which is also expected to be adopted later in October.

These laws are crucial for the capacity of prosecutors to investigate, and judges to sentence, high-level corruption, as well as for the ability of the judicial system to pursue crime effectively. The climate needed for reform has deteriorated due to the secret protocols between the prosecution and cambiamento rusky del sesso intelligence services. I call on the Romanian authorities to conduct full and impartial investigations into this issue. Romanians deserve a law enforcement order with all authorities properly supervised and full judicial independence.

The reforms of the judicial laws and of the criminal codes are interlinked, and they must be prevented from having a negative impact on the independence of the judiciary and its effectiveness in combating corruption. That is why the Commission has discussed this issue regularly with the Romanian Government at the highest level and has made its concerns public.

We have examined cambiamento rusky del sesso texts passed by the Romanian Parliament to fully assess their impact. We are seeking further clarification on how specific elements of these laws should be interpreted. Thirdly, as concerns a procedure to dismiss the chief anti-corruption prosecutor and the evaluation of the general prosecutor, I would like to recall that the track record of the anti-corruption prosecution, the so-called DNA, was a central reason for the more positive assessment of Romania that the Commission made back in our Cooperation and Verification Mechanism CVM report in January Moreover, robust and independent procedures for the dismissal and appointment of top prosecutors have always been a key element in our recommendations.

The Commission has also recommended that the Romanian cambiamento rusky del sesso seek the help of the Venice Commission in this matter. This remains one of the outstanding recommendations under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism.

We are following the latest developments in Romania with concern. We have seen cambiamento rusky del sesso progress in the past, but things are now moving backwards in a way that would be damaging for the place that Romania has built as an EU Member State in recent years.

The Commission has repeatedly called on the Romanian authorities to cambiamento rusky del sesso their course of action, and to build a broad consensus on the way forward, and I want to reiterate that call today.

I would stress once again that the Commission is always ready to cooperate cambiamento rusky del sesso and support the Romanian authorities in this process. I trust this dialogue will continue, cambiamento rusky del sesso we will be meticulous and precise in all the elements of the proposals that we would like to discuss with the Romanian authorities.

The latest developments are a source of growing concern for the Commission. If adopted without changes, the combined effect of the amended justice laws and the criminal codes would affect the capacity of the justice system, including the prosecution service, to effectively fight against corruption and other crimes.

This means backtracking from the situation that led the Commission to make a positive assessment in our report of January We will report on the situation in our next CVM report next month.

You can see what our CVM progress report stated in January and what it did in the last report in November The situation has deteriorated. Rest assured that all developments will be thoroughly assessed and reflected in our upcoming report.

President Cambiamento rusky del sesso and I issued a joint statement in January this year, setting out our concerns on the direction of travel. We stated clearly at that point that the irreversibility of the progress achieved so far under the CVM is an essential precondition to phase out the mechanism. Without that, we cannot phase out the mechanism. So, while we will continue pursuing our objective of a sustainably positive situation in a dialogue with the Romanian authorities, I wish also to be clear today that the Commission will draw the appropriate conclusions if the amendments to the justice law, criminal codes and laws on conflict of interest and corruption are promulgated without taking account of the concerns.

As the Guardian of the Treaties, we will not hesitate to take action, where necessary, to ensure compatibility with the Treaties. Indeed, the Commission will use all the means at its disposal, be it under CVM or otherwise. The Commission urges Romania to put the reform process back on track immediately. This means going forwards, not backwards, and cambiamento rusky del sesso from any steps which reverse the progress accomplished over the past years.

I honestly think there is still an opportunity to turn things around. The laws are not yet promulgated, and therefore it is not yet too late for the Romanian institutions to act to turn the situation around.

As always, we stand ready to help, but the responsibility and the power to deliver change lie firmly with the Cambiamento rusky del sesso institutions. I call again on them to take the right steps now. Pentru MCV? Pentru politicieni? Nimic despre aceste lucruri în rapoartele MCV. Nu o spun doar eu. Despre mitingul din 10 august voi spune doar câteva cuvinte. We are not here to be a court, that is not the role of Parliament, and it never should be.

We are here to discuss issues that affect all of us, no matter where we come from — and the independence of the judicial power and the rule of law are indeed European issues of that kind. When Romania joined the Union in Romanian judges became European judges.

This means that they have to defend not only Romanian law but also European law, and that we have to defend them. Europe is not a single market only. We are also a community of shared values and, when our countries signed the Cambiamento rusky del sesso, we signed up to those values too — to all of them.

So this is not an east-west issue, this is a European issue. I am telling you this as a representative for Spain, a southern country that has had its own democratic transition. We know how difficult the shift is from dictatorship to democracy. It takes time, it requires sacrifices, it causes pain, it is a difficult journey. That is why we cannot understand the changes proposed by your Government, which are putting in danger the balance of powers and the independence of justice in Romania.

And it is why we cannot understand the silence and the complicity of those who are concerned about the rule of law in some countries but not in others. Of course, you can ignore our criticism, but you should never ignore the voice of your own people. Romanians fought for their liberties against communism. They tore down a tyranny and built up a democracy.

They are a brave and a decent people, Prime Minister, and you are ignoring them. Tell me, what interests are hidden behind the actions of your Government?

Tell me, what are you afraid of? They just want integrity, transparency and justice. They just want to have a better future in their own country — not outside it.

Nothing more, but nothing less. Prime Minister, you have two options: you can listen to this Parliament, you can listen to the Commission, you can listen to the Romanian Parliament, you can listen to your people; or you can ignore all the democratic controls.

But, with all due respect, this Parliament will remain and it will wait by the side of the noble and proud people of Romania. There is not another option for us. Cambiamento rusky del sesso should understand that. Für uns Sozialdemokraten stehen Demokratie und Rechtsstaatlichkeit im Zentrum der Politik — unverrückbar! Diese Prinzipien sind universell und gelten für alle Mitgliedstaaten — egal ob im Osten oder im Westen und unbeschadet dessen, wer regiert!