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At least seventy percent of you are a cloud. If you take the cloud out of you there is no you left. These were the words of Venerable Thich Sex and the City alte aspettative del sesso Hanh on the Buddhist metaphor of the cloud, spoken during his talk at the Plum village retreat in Upon hearing this description, the public started to laugh happily.

The cloud, in the Buddhist teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, represents multiple layers of meaning: the carefree attitude towards life, the fluidity and continuity of existence, the inter-beingness of everything and so on. Surprisingly, in the context of computing, these sentences make absolute sense. The Buddhist concept of Inter-beingness can be equated to the Internet of Things.

The Karma circle then reveals itself to be a cybernetic loop. The Dalai Lama reincarnates as a machine Lama, The Buddha is in the robot and Steve Jobs was a monk. In short, a ghost in the shell is a god in the self. But first, lets watch a Sex and the City alte aspettative del sesso of Buddha appearing from the clouds. Hanh, Thich Nhat. A cloud never dies. Lama, Dalai. Dalai Lama wants to be a machine avatar. Almeno il settanta per cento di voi è una nuvola.

Hanh, Queste Sex and the City alte aspettative del sesso le parole del Venerabile Thich Nhat Hanh sulla metafora buddista della nuvola, pronunciate durante il suo discorso al ritiro Plum Village nel Dopo aver ascoltato questa descrizione, il pubblico ha iniziato a ridere felicemente.

Il cerchio del Karma si rivela essere un loop cibernetico. Il Dalai Lama si reincarna in una macchina Lama, Il Buddha vive nel Robot e Steve Jobs era un monaco. In breve, un fantasma nel guscio è un dio in sé. Ma prima, guardiamo un video di Buddha che appare tra le nuvole. Fuorisink bases itself on a message received by an unknown sender, a sort of auto-declaration, a false bequeathal without a nominated addressee from a divinity that appears to be Internet.

The result will be a mix between bodies of scanned artefacts and the anatomic parts of museumgoers, who each day feed into the great web archive. The objective of this voyage is to underline, through these apparent deformations, the effects of hypervisibility of the artwork that we observe today in its migration towards a new type of materiality. I will highlight its return to being an open container, open to new transformations and processes that can generate new ways of seeing.

For several years he has been watching the transformation of the territory, its surrounding landscape and with that the intrinsic contradictions of the political and social perspectives.

He uses different visual languages in his works, favouring drawing, photography and videos. The latter especially, materialised through environmental installations, allows to go beyond the narrative. The result is a cosmology of visual stimuli that can generate immersive landscapes, where materiality and immateriality coexist in the same work.

His work has been exhibited Sex and the City alte aspettative del sesso various foundations and museums such as the National Gallery of Rome and the Fondazione del Monte in Bologna. He has been involved since many years in many artistic projects, national and international, both as an artist and as a curator, such as RamdomCasa a Mare and studioconcreto. Il risultato sarà un mixaggio vero e proprio tra le anatomie dei manufatti scansionati e i particolari anatomici dei visitatori che ogni giorno, attraverso i propri scatti, alimentano il grande archivio del web dando sfogo agli innumerevoli impulsi dettati dalla condivisione.

Da diversi anni osserva la trasformazione dei territori, il paesaggio che lo circonda e con esso le contraddizioni insite negli aspetti politici e sociali. Il risultato è una cosmologia di impulsi visivi in grado di generare scenari immersivi dove, materialità e immaterialità, convivono nella stessa opera. Il suo lavoro è stato esposto in diverse fondazioni e musei come la Galleria Nazionale di Roma e la Fondazione del Monte di Bologna.

È impegnato in diversi progetti artistici e curatoriali come Ramdomper il quale è artistic project curator dal e il progetto Casa a Mare. Nel fonda studioconcreto. In porn, soft as opposed to hard means that sex is not shown full on, but merely evoked, or enrobed by a narrative.

They Sex and the City alte aspettative del sesso the softimage as an image-software as opposed to the photographic because of the way it is able to recalculate itself in real time as we traverse its plane. Although there is a three-dimensionality, we are only able to navigate the surface of the object, to see it as an image plane or interface.

We can enter, yet we are separate, removed by the screen. Through this residency, Felicity Hammond will consider the 3D object through its digital surface and status as a soft image. She will consider how these images are encoded with data that gives them the potential to become physical, whilst always evoking the duplicate, fake, re-enactment of the original object.

These ideas point towards the way that replicas have been used throughout history with regards to the museum object. But what is lost or gained through this digital transformation?

How does the surface behave? Text becomes textural and fragment Sex and the City alte aspettative del sesso pixel; the physicality of the object is represented through our navigation of the digital surface.

The potential for the softimage to act as a replica seemingly the object yet fragmentary or incomplete alludes to the idea of a remnant. The duality within the digital object causes it to become a ruin — a relic of an artifact that is already entrenched in history and ruination.

Behind the glossy screen of the digital realm lays virtual decay, and this residency will act Sex and the City alte aspettative del sesso a platform to excavate it. Felicity Hammond b. She is currently artist in residence at the University of Bath. Nel porno, morbido al contrario di duro significa che il sesso non è mostrato in pieno, ma solo evocato, o avvolto da una narrazione. Questa residenza considera i modelli 3D degli artefatti museali in quanto immagini morbide, secondo la definizione di Hoelzl e Marie.

Possiamo entrare, ma siamo separati, rimossi dallo schermo. Queste idee ricordano il modo in cui le repliche sono state utilizzate nel corso della storia degli oggetti museali. Ma cosa si perde o si guadagna con questa trasformazione digitale? Come si comporta la superficie? Dietro lo schermo lucido del regno digitale si cela il decadimento virtuale, e questa residenza fungerà da piattaforma per scoprirlo.

When Sex and the City alte aspettative del sesso in the passenger seat of a car, while wandering the streets of a suburban area or strolling the aisles of a DIY store, you stumble upon her. There she is, Venus. She might be posing in the middle of a shell, acting as a fountain or just by herself, she could also be small, perched on top of a front gate guarding a backyard.

She often dons a thick layer of white paint to mask her concrete insides. Does it even really matter? I always wonder who finds themselves in need of Venus, who buys such a thing?

But your backyard Venus is a probable replica of a replica of a replica. Replicated to the point where it almost becomes an original. There is something quite remarkable in this trajectory, the mass-produced concrete statue from antiquity. The dizziness of thousands of marble sculptures in endless museum galleries feels akin to scrolling through the online 3D scans of prestigious national collections.

Scan the world and put it in your backyard! The 3D model, with its imperfections and its lumps of mistakes, is just like the rough concrete garden statue, whose details have been lost through its endless reproductions and layers of outdoor paint. Through its wild distribution, your Venus loses the varnish of the polished original, regains agency and escapes the narrative it inhabits in the museum. Its popularisation, essentially an escape from a historical framework, allows for a speculative reopening of its origin and its meaning.

Why not free the stiff bronzes of long forgotten generals and kings? What are they to us other than relics of old powers that we struggle to understand Sex and the City alte aspettative del sesso relate to? What does the statue of the Sun King standing in the middle of Versailles really tell us of our past? Beyond the effect it was designed to generate on its contemporary onlookers — awe and fear. Can freeing it from the palace unravel unintended meanings, backstories and open up an entirely new historical reading?

Eloïse Bonneviot b. She is looking at obsessive relationship with objects and how they trigger protocols, mechanisms of behaviours and rituals. Particularly, how does Sex and the City alte aspettative del sesso connection unfold in a time of ecological and political crisis.

She tailors public moments to enact those protocols by using the audience in the works. Quando ci so trova nel sedile del passeggero in macchina, mentre si vaga per le strade di una zona suburbana passeggiando per i corridoi di un negozio di fai da te, ci si imbatte in lei.

Potrebbe essere in posa in mezzo a una conchiglia in quanto fontana o semplicemente da sola, potrebbe anche essere piccola, appollaiata in cima ad un cancello, la vera guardiana di un cortile. Spesso indossa uno spesso uno spesso strato di vernice bianca per mascherare i suoi interni di cemento.

Ma è veramente lei? Questo ci importa? Mi chiedo sempre chi ha bisogno di Venere, chi compra una cosa del genere? Ma una volta che ci penso, comincia ad avere senso, no? Ma la tua Venere di cortile è una probabile replica di una replica di una replica.

Replicata al punto che diventa quasi un originale. Le vertigini dalle migliaia di sculture di marmo tra le gallerie infinite dei musei sono simili allo scorrere tra le scansioni 3D di prestigiose collezioni nazionali. Scansiona il mondo e mettilo nel tuo cortile! Il modello 3D, con le sue imperfezioni e i suoi errori, è proprio come la statua di cemento grezzo da giardino, i cui dettagli sono stati persi attraverso le sue infinite riproduzioni e strati di vernice per esterni.

La sua divulgazione, essenzialmente una fuga da un quadro storico, permette una riapertura speculativa della sua origine e del suo significato.