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Each episode includes original musical numbers from diverse musical genres such as pop music and Latin music. Violetta Castillo is a teenage girl who is unaware of her very special talent for singing. She inherited this Musica del 18 serie Sex and the City from her mom Maríaa famous singer who died in a car accident.

Blinded by sadness, he decides to keep her past and her mother's fate from Violetta, worried that she might follow in her footsteps.

After the accident, they both moved to Madrid and he raised her alone, with hardly any contact with other children of her age. Everything changes when they return to their homeland in Buenos Aires.

There, Violetta Musica del 18 serie Sex and the City taking piano lessons at 'Studio 21' later On Beat Studioa prestigious music school.

Violetta has never agreed with this and always argues with Jade. León promises himself to forget Violetta. In the second season, Violetta starts falling in love with León and he feels the same for her. They start to date, but Diego Diego Domínguezwho is new at Studio 21, steals a kiss from Violetta. Ludmila continues to be an unkind and glamorous girl who does everything to get what she wants: she called in her friend since childhood to help her get rid of Violetta from the studio but she became impatient and blackmailed Diego to continue to pretend that he loves Violetta, telling him that if he will do that, she will tell him who is his father, who abandoned him is.

Marco does everything to date Francesca, who doesn't know what she feels for him. Camila and Broduey start the season fighting, but end up friends, Camila meets DJ and he liked her, but he left.

Camila and Maxi kissed but didn't feel anything, Sebas Rock Bones comes and they fell in love, until they get together at the end. Naty, Ludmila's best friend, and Maxi,also split up at first, but come back in full force. Francesca falls in love with Marco Xabiani Ponce de León after many doubts and thoughts Diego's best friend. Ludmila starts falling in love with Federico Ruggero Pasquarelli and get together at Musica del 18 serie Sex and the City end.

Diego finds out that his father is Gregorio, a selfish teacher that works at the Studio. Diego is very mad at him, because he abandoned him when he was a child; at the end they make peace. However, on their wedding day, Jade reveals that Esmeralda is a scam. The two are arrested and Matías starts dating the deputy who arrested him, Marcela Parodi.

León suspected Diego all along, and found proof that Diego and Ludmila were together to make Violetta sad and humiliated on her big performance when they were going to say that Diego never loved Violetta.

León shows the footage of proof on his cellphone to Francesca, but Violetta overhears. Violetta starts crying during her performance without any strength to sing.

However, León gets on stage and starts singing "Podemos" with Violetta. Camilla and Broudey get back together, as do Francesca and Marco, after a big interference with Marco's ex-girlfriend. Violetta and León get back together, and in the end, after all that has passed, their love is stronger than ever. After closing with You Mix, the studio cast of On Beat went on a major world tour, which had been successful in Europe.

Violetta and her friends had to return to Buenos Aires for their last year of school. With dreams and individual ambitions multiplied by fame, the group began to crumble, putting Studio On Beat in danger. Gery, who falls in love with León, and Clément also known as Alexwho falls in love with Violetta, are introduced at the beginning of the season. Violetta and León become separated, but still love each other, but Alex and Gery will do anything to keep them separate, since they are passionate, respectively, for Violetta and León.

Marco goes away, and Francesca and Diego fell Musica del 18 serie Sex and the City love Musica del 18 serie Sex and the City each other. However, Francesca is afraid of Violetta finding out since Diego regrets what he did to Violetta during the previous season and decides to keep their relationship secret. Ludmila starts to become a better person and when forced to choose between staying in the Studio On Beat or be a star, she chooses the Studio.

In order to spy on León, Violetta and Francesca masqueraded as Roxy and Fausta, but León falls in love with Roxy, and Violetta is forced to tell him the truth. The group travel to Seville, Spain where Violetta and Leon realise their true feelings for each other and Gery and Clement end up together. In Seville, they put on their last tremendous show. Following the success of Disney Channel retransmission of Argentine telenovelas such as Floricienta and Patito Feo and the positive results at competitor Nickelodeon initiative in co-producing Latin-American novelas like GrachiDisney decided to begin production on its first original telenovela.

The show was to be produced in Argentina in collaboration with local production company Pol-Ka. Shooting began in September in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lasted for seven months. Disney Channel announced that the series would premiere in The cast was first introduced on December 22, In Marchpromos and adverts started airing. Violetta finally premiered in Latin America and Italy on May 14, On October 25, the last episode of the first season was aired.

In November 1,shootings for the second season began. The complete cast visited Paris, Milan and Madrid for promotion at the end of June. The final scenes from the second season were shot in Spain. Among the products spawned from the shows are an official magazine available in Latin America, Italy and Spainsticker album available in France, Latin America, Italy and Spaina series of books available in Latin America, France, Spain and Italy and trading cards available in Italy Musica del 18 serie Sex and the City Argentina.

DVDs were also released in Italy and Spain. There's also a soundtrack album featuring the music from the show. In Juneafter three months of rehearsal, the musical with the complete cast made its debut at Teatro Gran Rex. Following the Cris Morena model, the cast played concerts daily Musica del 18 serie Sex and the City the Winter Vacation.

Prior to the debut, all 60 presentations were already sold out with over Besides the 60 concerts Musica del 18 serie Sex and the City Buenos Aires, the cast will also tour the rest of Argentina. In OctoberDiego Ramos announced a third season. Martina Stoessel was chosen by casting. It has been confirmed that most of the cast of the first season, except for the actors Rodrigo Velilla, Artur Logunov [19] and lead actor Pablo Espinosa will return for the second season.

Bridgit Mendler made a cameo appearance in the second season. The American pop rock band R5 made an appearance during an episode in the third season, playing their single Heart Made Up on You. The first season originally aired from May 14 to October 26, in Latin America. It's not known if it finished its run on television, but the complete first season was available at the launch of Netflix in those territories.

The second season originally aired from April 29 to October 11, in Latin America. Prior to the season finale, Netflix Latin America started putting up the English audio on episodes that had not yet aired in English internationally. In Australia, the complete second season was put up weeks after the first on Netflix, but has not aired on Disney Musica del 18 serie Sex and the City. The third season originally aired from the July 28, to February 6, in Latin America.

On Disney Channel Scandinaviathe season premiered on October 12, The season was added to Musica del 18 serie Sex and the City U. In Chile the average viewers isIn Spain the first episode received a 3. The first episode in Italy Musica del 18 serie Sex and the Cityviewers making it Disney Channel 's most watched broadcast in the country. The show isn't very popular with the public has it been criticized for dubbed for the singing Season 1 Onlybut the show rating of the show is 9.

A film titled Violetta: La emoción del concierto also known as Violetta en Vivo and Violetta: en Concierto was shown in cinemas and released on DVD internationally, showing the concert and backstage scenes from Milan.

Another version showing the Buenos Aires concert was released in Argentina. The U-Mix Show is weekly program that airs a weekly summary of the series and Musica del 18 serie Sex and the City with cast members. In Brazil, the show is presented by Bruno Heder. El V-log de Francesca is a webseries starring Lodovica Comello set in her bedroom. The sixteen-episode miniseries premiered on June 10, and lasted until October 22, The series consisted of eight episodes, [59] that aired until September 17, [60] and then continuously loaded on the same website from Portuguese channel's Disney Channel.

In earlyit was confirmed that there would be a stage adaptation starring Martina StoesselJorge BlancoDiego Domínguez, and other actors. Violetta Live International Tour was the tour of the cast of Violetta. The tour was announced in August by the site bambini Italy. The cast toured several countries in Europe and Latin America. Throughout the series, En mi mundo is used as the opening and the ending except in some cases for the latter.

On July 10,along with the release of the show on Netflix, Walt Disney Records put up a compilation album called Violetta: En mi mundo containing 13 songs from Violetta and Cantar es lo que soy for the United States. From October 10,the official magazine of the series entitled Violetta is available in Italy.

The monthly magazine is directed by Veronica Di Lisio and offers interviews, unpublished photographs of the series and even games, posters and rubrics for the female audience. In Chileit can be purchased from December 21, Even in Portugal and Spain, there is the monthly magazine dedicated to the telenovela. On the same day in which it was published in the magazine, was also released on the sticker album, affordable attached to the magazine or individually.

The album is published by Panini. Junto A Ti is featured in Just Dance Other products have also been published on the market like Easter eggs and notebooks in Brazil. In addition, the Italian actor Simon Lijoi has created his column titled "Chiedilo a Simone" where fans via his Facebook page asking some questions and he answers; the first article was published on March 22, and was later published every Thursday.

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