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Considered one of the most beautiful actresses of Mexican cinema, her taste for the finesse and strong personality garnered her the title of diva early in her career. She completed a film career that included 47 films made in Mexico, SpainFranceItaly and Argentina. Her birth was registered on 4 May, which was later misreported as her date of birth. She was the daughter of Bernardo Félix Flores, a military officer. Her mother was Josefina Güereña Rosas.

During her childhood, she had Sexy America del Biondo close relationship with her brother Pablo. Her mother separated the two siblings, thinking they might be involved in an incestuous relationship. Later, the Félix family moved to Guadalajara.

When María was 17, her beauty soon began to attract attention. She was Sexy America del Biondo Beauty Queen at the University of Guadalajara. After a Sexy America del Biondo romance, the couple married in InFélix gave birth to her only child, Enrique, nicknamed Quique.

After her divorce, Félix returned to Guadalajara with her family, where she was the subject of gossip and rumors due to her status as a divorcée.

Because of this situation, Félix decided to move to Mexico City with her son. In Mexico City, she worked as a receptionist in a plastic surgeon's office, and lived in a Sexy America del Biondo house. One day, the father of her son visited the child, and deliberately refused to give the boy back to his mother. Félix's son was recovered with the help of Agustín Lara, her second husband. They planned an elaborate recovery that tricked the grandmother and Sexy America del Biondo the child.

One afternoon after work when walking down the street in Mexico City, director and filmmaker Fernando Palacios approached her asking if she wanted to make movies. Her response was: [ citation needed ]. Palacios finally persuaded her to break into the movies. Becoming her " Pygmalion ", he began to train her and present her in film circles. DeMillewho offered to launch Sexy America del Biondo film career Sexy America del Biondo Hollywood, but Félix was not interested.

She preferred to begin her career Sexy America del Biondo her own country. María Félix and Jorge Negrete got off to a bad relationship during the filming because he had asked that his girlfriend, the actress Gloria Marínbe given the lead role.

For this reason the filming of the movie was difficult and led to a direct confrontation between Félix and Negrete. That confrontation helped to cement the reputation of Félix as a tough and arrogant woman. In Sexy America del Biondo second film, María EugeniaFélix would be projected in a role out of her temperamental film personality.

However, the film is remembered as the only movie Sexy America del Biondo Félix appeared in swimwear. The same happened with the film La china poblanawhere Félix claimed to have paid a debt of gratitude to her discoverer Fernando Palacios, who directed the film.

She called both films "her beginner sins". As María Félix herself said, "With these films, I became the number one enemy of the Mexican family morals. Somehow, I seduced the public, even those who criticize the conduct of my characters in the films. My legend began to take shape without moving a finger. The public imagination did everything for me. Without her stereotyped role of a "femme fatale", María Félix filmed two sophisticated films: El monje blancodirected by Julio Brachoand Vertigodirected by Antonio Momplet.

Both characters required a great dramatic intensity. Their first collaboration was in La diosa arrodillada with Arturo de Córdova. Thanks to these films, María Félix's fame crossed the Atlantic. In this manner María Félix began her film adventure in Europe. She made only one more film in Mexico Doña Diablauntil her return in She debuted in Italy with the film Incantesimo Tragico In the same year, she filmed Messalinadirected by Carmine Gallone at the time, the most expensive film of the Italian cinema.

In the same year Félix returned to Mexico. Her last film shot entirely in Europe was the Spanish film Faustina. Félix returned to Mexico in This period of her career was characterized by performing films inspired by the Mexican Revolution.

This cycle Sexy America del Biondo with La Escondida In she starred in Tizoc with the popular Mexican actor and singer Pedro Infante. However, the film was not liked by the actress, despite her international success. In the s Félix's presence in the cinema was limited to only a few films. In she filmed La Generalawhich would be her last film. The Mexican historical telenovela La Constitución would be her last professional acting job.

Félix attempted to return to the cinema twice. First, in Sexy America del Biondo, with the film Toña Machetesand again in with the film Insólito resplandor. Neither project crystallized, and Félix never reappeared in film. Almost from the beginning of her career, Félix received job offers in Hollywoodbut Félix herself said: They only give me huehuenche Indian roles. While she was in France, Hollywood offered her the female role of Duel in the Sunbut she passed and Sexy America del Biondo part went to Jennifer Jones.

Ava Gardner ended up with the part. Later, the director Robert Aldrich sent her the script of The Legend of Lylah Clarebut Sexy America del Biondo did not reach an Sexy America del Biondo with the director and Kim Novak got the role.

Félix was married four times. Infuriated, she beat him unconscious. Years later Félix was able to get her son back with the help of her second husband, Agustín Lara.

Félix's relationship with her son was distant in his early years because she sent him to schools abroad "to discipline" him. Years later, Enrique returned to Mexico and started a career as an actor in film and television. Regarding her son, Félix said: "Enrique is a very gifted man, with admirable common sense. He's my best friend. I have so much fun with him. He's not a 'mama's boy' as many believe. Self-employed, fight like being independent.

He has his own career, his audience, his poster and assumes his responsibilities without relying on me. Her second marriage — was to the famous Mexican composer Agustín Lara.

Félix was a fan of Lara since her adolescence. They were formally introduced by a mutual friend, the actor Tito Novaro. The Sexy America del Biondo began a highly publicized relationship, which culminated in marriage in Lara immortalized Félix in Sexy America del Biondo number of songs, such as "Humo en los ojos " "Smoke in the eyes"" Cuando vuelvas " "When you come back"" Dos puñales " "Two daggers"" Madrid " and especially the famous theme " María Bonita ", composed in Acapulco during their honeymoon.

However, the relationship ended in due Sexy America del Biondo Lara's jealousy. Félix said that Lara even tried to kill her in a fit of violent jealousy. After her second divorce, Félix had romances with some well-known men, such as Mexican aviation entrepreneur Jorge Pasquel, Spanish bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguínand Argentine actor Carlos Thompson.

Inwhen Félix returned to Mexico after her stay in Europe and Argentina, she was reunited with an "old enemy": Sexy America del Biondo actor and singer Jorge Negrete. After a brief romance, the couple married intransmitted by radio to all Latin Americaheld at the House of Catipoato in Tlalpan.

Negrete Sexy America del Biondo already ill when the marriage took place. Félix's appearance at his funeral, dressed in trousers, caused a huge scandal, which led Félix to take refuge in Europe.

Félix had a brief romance with Cau. Her fourth marriage —was with the Romanian-born French banker Alexander Berger. Félix met Berger in the s, when they were both married. Years later they met again. Félix was married to Berger for 18 years. She tried becoming a mother again, but an accident during a filming in caused Félix to lose the child.

To overcome this depression, she developed a new passion: horses. Some of her horses won major international equestrian awards. Her last romantic relationship was the Russian-French painter Antoine Tzapoff. About him, Félix said: I don't know if he's the man who has most loved me, but he's who has loved me better.

The press speculated about a strong rivalry between Félix and Dolores del Ríothe other leading female figure of Mexican cinema and a successful Hollywood Sexy America del Biondo.

Regarding this "rivalry", Félix said: "With Dolores I had no rivalry. On the contrary, we were friends and always treated each other with great respect, each with our own personality. We were completely different. She was refined, interesting, gentle on the deal, and Sexy America del Biondo energetic, arrogant and bossy. During her life, Félix was a model for many renowned painters.