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The hybrid anatomies created by Nunzio Paci,born in Bologna inencountered a growing success, and they granted him prestigious exhibitions in Europe, Asia and the US. The true miracle this artist performs on his Sex dipinto immagini is to turn what is still usually perceived as a taboo — the inside of our bodies — into something enchanting.

But his works are complex and multilayered: in Sex dipinto immagini paintings the natural elements and creatures fuse together and as they do so, all boundaries lose their meaning, there is no more an inside and an outside; each body explodes and grows branches, becoming indefinable. But rather than just writing about it, I thought it best to interview Nunzio and let our chat be an introduction to his art.

You began as a street artist, in a strictly urban environment; what was your relationship with nature back then? Did it evolve over the years? I was born and raised in a small country town in the province of Sex dipinto immagini and I still live in a rural area. Nature has always been a faithful companion to me.

I too did go through a rebellious phase: in those years, as I recall them, everything looked like a surface I could spray paint or write on. Now I feel more like a retired warrior, seeking Sex dipinto immagini quiet and dimly lit Sex dipinto immagini where I can think and rest. In Sex dipinto immagini West, man wants to think himself separated from nature: if not a proper dominator, at least Sex dipinto immagini external observer or investigator. Do you think your works express this melancholy, a need for communion with other creatures?

Or are you suggesting that the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms have actually always been inertwined, and all barriers between them are a Sex dipinto immagini construct, an illusion? For this reason, through my work, Sex dipinto immagini try to translate what cannot be preserved through time into a visual form, so that I can retrieve these memories in my most nostalgic moments. Yours are autoptic visions: why do you feel the need to dissect, to open the bodies you draw?

As the inside of the body is still a taboo in many ways, how does the public react to the anatomical details in your works? I need to be selfish. I am too busy taming my thoughts and turning my Sex dipinto immagini into images. I was a very young child, and I was disturbed and at the same time fascinated Sex dipinto immagini not by the violent scene in itself, but Sex dipinto immagini what was hidden inside that animal.

Later on, the desire to produce visionary artworks took over, and I started tracing subjects that could be expressive without offending any sensibility. Your latest woks, including those shown in the Manila exhibit entitled Mimesismight suggest a progressive opening in that regard, as some floral arrangements are enriched by a whole palette of green, purple, blue, pink.

Quite the opposite really. My use of color in the Mimesis cyle, just like in nature, is deceptive. In nature, color plays a fundamental role in survival. Modifying their aspect Sex dipinto immagini a necessity for them, a form of self-defense to protect themselves from the shallowness, arrogance and violence of society.

A society which is only concerned with its own useless endurance. These analogies, for instance those found Sex dipinto immagini exist between a tree, deer antlers and the artery system, were connected to palmistry, physiognomy and medicine, and were quite popular from Paracelsus to Gerolamo Cardano to Giambattista della Porta.

Even on a formal level, you have revisited some ancient techniques, such as the encaustic technique. I believe that was the beginning of it Sex dipinto immagini, and Sex dipinto immagini the following periods, including the one Sex dipinto immagini live in, are but an evolution of that pioneering time. In learning slowly, and deeply, lies the key to fix the emotions we feel when we discover something new.

A famous quote attributed to Banksyand inspired by a poem by Cesar A. Are your paintings meant to comfort or disturb the viewer? My way of life, and my way of being, are reflected in my work. I never felt the urge to shock or distrub the public with my images, nor did I ever try to seek attention.

I want to do it tiptoe, silently, and by asking permission if necessary. Species fight and assault each other, but in the end this battle is won by life itself, who as an autopoietic system is capable of finding constant nourishment within itself. Decomposition itself is not bad, as it allows new germinations. What is death to you, and how does it relate to your work? One of the aspects of existence that most fascinate me is its decadence.

I am drawn to it, both curious and scared, and my work is perhaps a way to exorcise all the slow dying that surrounds us. You can follow Nunzio Paci on his official websiteFacebook page and Instagram account. A little boy went out to play. Sex dipinto immagini he opened his door he saw the world. As he passed through the doorway he caused a riflection. Evil was born! Evil was born and followed the boy. Lynch, Inland Empire It was a nice late-summer afternoon, in I remember well.

A friend had invited me to the opening of his latest exhibition. The building had been recently renovated, and it was open to the public only on specific occasions. Once there, one immediately feels the urge to look around. Better go inside and look at the paintings. I was early for the opening, so I had the artist, his works and the entire exhibition area all for myself.

On a wall, as I was passing from one painted canvas to the next, I eventually spotted a sudden, indefinite blur of colors. A fresco. An image had been resting there well before the exhibition paintings were placed in front of it!

Despite the restoration, as it happens with many medieval and Renaissance frescoes, some elements were still confused and showed vanishing, vaporous outlines. The baby Sex dipinto immagini being choked to death! What is the story of this fresco? What tale does it really tell? The five actors do not look like peasants; the instruments are not randomly chosen: these are thin, sharp, professional blades. Who perpetrated this hideous murder, who was the object of the resentment the author intended to elicit in the onlookers?

Maybe the fresco was a representation — albeit dramatic and exaggerated — of a true crime. Is Sex dipinto immagini a political allegory or a Sadeian chronicle? Was this a homage, a flattering detail to exhalt the commissioner of this work of art? What character was meant to be celebrated here, the subjects on the Sex dipinto immagini who are carrying out Sex dipinto immagini dreadful, but unavoidable task, or the boy Sex dipinto immagini the center who looks so obscenely resigned to suffer their painful deeds?

Are we looking at five emissaries of some brutal but rational justice as they perform their duties, or the misadventure of a helpless soul that fell in the hands of a ferocious gang of thugs? This Sex dipinto immagini detail brought me back to the present.

The church was already crowded with people. I felt somehow crushed by the overload of arcane symbols, and the frustation of not having the adequate knowledge to interpret what I had seen. I furtively took a snapshot. I gave my host a warm farewell, and then got out, Sex dipinto immagini the key to unlock the meaning of the fresco was not irretrievably lost in time.

As I discovered at the beginning of my research on this controversial product of popular iconography, the fresco depicts the martyrdom of Saint Simonino of Trent.

Simone Unverdorben, a two-year-old toddler from Trent, disappeared on March 23, His body was found on Easter Day. It was said to have been mauled and strangled. In Northern Sex dipinto immagini, in those years, antisemitic abuses and persecutions stemmed from the widely influential sermons of the clergy.

The guilt for the heinous crime immediately fell upon the Trent Jewish community. All of its members had to endure one of the biggest trials of the time, being subjected to tortures that led to confessions and reciprocal accusations.

During the preliminary investigations of the Trent trial, a converted Jew was asked if the practice of ritual homicide of Christian toddlers existed within the Hebrew cult. Another testimony emerged from the interrogation of another of the alleged killers of the little Simone, the Jewish physician Tobia.

He declared on the rack there was a commerce in Christian blood among Jews. He declared he had heard about other cases of ritual Sex dipinto immagini […]. Melchiorre, Gli ebrei a Feltre Sex dipinto immagini Quattrocento. Una storia rimossain Sex dipinto immagini nella Terraferma veneta del Quattrocentoa cura di G.

Varanini e R. Mueller, Firenze University Press Many were burned at the stake. The survivors were exiled from the Sex dipinto immagini, after their possessions had been confiscated.

The facts we accurately extracted from the offenders, as recorded in the original trials, are the following. The wicked Jews living in Trent, having maliciously planned to make their Easter solemn through the killing of a Christian child, whose blood they could mix in their unleavened bread, commisioned it to Tobia, who was deemed perfect for the infamous deed as he was familiar with the town on the account of being a professional doctor.

There he was kept, with charms and apples, until the hour of the sacrifice arrived. After that, Samuele and the aforementioned seven Jews vied with each other to pierce the flesh of the holy martyr, declaring in Hebrew that they were doing so to mock the crucified God of the Christians; and they added: thus shall be the fate of all our enemies.

After this feral ordeal, the Sex dipinto immagini Moses took a knife and pierced with it the tip of the penis, and with the pliers tore a chunk of meat from the little right leg and Samuel, who replaced him, tore a piece out of the other leg.

The copious blood oozing from the puerile penis was harvested in a different vase, while the blood pouring from the legs was collected in the basin. Annali del principato ecclesiastico di Trento dal alpp. Sex dipinto immagini devotion grew wider, so did the production of paintings, ex voto, sculptures, bas reliefs, altar decorations.

Questionable elements, Sex dipinto immagini from folktales Sex dipinto immagini popular belief, began to merge with an already established, sterotyped antisemitism.