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From sweet and innocent to homicidal, from incompetent dimwit to martial arts dynamo. So stupid she's coming in at the rock bottom of this list. As Goodnight tries to help Bond stop the big boom, she makes things worse. Despite being a spy herself, her race is the only skill or personality trait the script gives Kissy.

His script certainly celebrates how those wonderful Japanese women submit to sesso Bond girl men, unlike pushy Western broads. At least she doesn't do anything as creepy as in the Fleming novel, where she convinces an amnesiac Bond he really is her husband. Like several characters in this list, Goodhead starts out as a possible adversary, but after a couple of encounters, she turns out to be an ally.

Defeating sesso Bond girl genocidal Drax requires flying the space shuttle, and Goodhead, not Bond, is the one who can do it. Without Goodhead piloting Moonraker, Bond would have had no way to deactivate Drax's doomsday gas bombs. The performance is what places her this low. Former Charlie's Angels actor Tanya Roberts is a stunningly beautiful woman. Alas, sesso Bond girl else about her role as Stacy Sutton, an oil heiress battling billionaire villain Zorin, is dreadful.

Beauty can't triumph over a performance this wooden. She also has an annoying, wispy voice, except when she screams.

Even with a good actor, the character wouldn't be that interesting. A View to a Kill is a very poor film, but Roberts is close to the worst thing in it. Like Goodhead, nuclear physicist Christmas Jones brings something to the table besides stunning good looks. Bad girl Elektra King sesso Bond girl is scheming to nuke Istanbul; Christmas understands nuclear technology. Unlike Holly Goodhead's astronaut skills, Christmas' know-how doesn't contribute much to stopping Elektra.

That said, she's still more interesting than Stacy Sesso Bond girl. With a good actor in the role, Christmas might rank several notches higher. Even so, she shows more understanding of what acting is than Sesso Bond girl does. While rankings don't take character names into account, the ending pun on Jones' name is pretty atrocious.

Bond should have listened when she asked him earlier not to make one. Bond first meets her as mistress to Greene, the mysterious agent for the Quantum organization. After Greene decides to kill Montes as a security risk, Bond saves her. Given the Brosnan films had several memorable women, it's a shame Craig's run couldn't keep up the trend sesso Bond girl far, anyway.

But she's not really bad. As Kananga is black, virginity ducked the implications of interracial sex - a silly side effect of its era. Pam Bouvier is one of the better parts of the movie, an ex-military pilot Bond helps out of a jam. In return, she transports him to sesso Bond girl Sanchez, the drug-lord villain of the film, and provides backup.

Sesso Bond girl, Bouvier would be way closer to the top of the list. At the end, she gets her reward, finishing off Largo with a spear gun. Then she puts her resentment aside for the usual sexy ending. She sleeps with Bond, then betrays him and attempts to kill Jinx, who will appear later on our list. But what else can you expect from a woman who's also a cheat?

Frost is a gold medalist sesso Bond girl fencing, but it turns out that she and Graves sesso Bond girl to get the win. A rotter sesso Bond girl violate the British code of fair play is obviously capable of anything. She barely survives the bad guys' initial takeover of the Soviet Goldeneye project, which gives her every reason to join forces with Bond and fight back.

Played by Izabella Scorupco, Simonova saves the day by programming the Goldeneye satellite weapon to crash and burn. Like Goodhead, she saves the day as much as Bond does. Madeleine Swann Léa Seydoux is one of the better ones. At the end, rather than kill the defeated Blofeld, Bond walks away with Madeleine.

When Bond meets Octopussy, she reveals they already have a sesso Bond girl. Bond hunted down her father, a renegade military officer, but let him commit suicide rather than suffer the scandal of a trial.

Octopussy appreciates sesso Bond girl courtesy. In the Skyfall teaser, Bond and an agent called Eve Naomie Harris are sesso Bond girl a thief carrying valuable stolen intel. As and the sesso Bond girl struggle, M orders Eve to take the kill shot — but she hits Bond. When returns after months of drunken idleness, it turns out that Eve has been removed from sesso Bond girl field. She nevertheless assists Bond, and at the end of the film, we learn this is how Moneypenny got her start. Nothing new in that, of course.

However, unlike most of Bond's bad girls, Helga's running a game of her own. Too bad for Brandt that her plan fails. Bond lives, and Blofeld drops Number Eleven into a pool of piranhas.

Instead, May Day turns against her boss, Zorin, when the first phase of his master plan almost kills her. Rather than go after Zorin, however, May Day heroically sacrifices herself to stop the earthquake he plans to trigger. It wasn't a good look for the franchise. In the original Fleming Casino Royaleas in the film, her death turns Bond from a flippant, cynical adventurer into someone who takes his mission seriously. Vesper is a Treasury agent assigned to help Bond break the terrorist financier Le Chiffre at poker.

In the new series, he's never quite the same after her demise. The nuke will also take out M, who's been imprisoned in the city. Elektra blames M for a tragedy in her past, and she's not the forgiving type.

The Havelocks were working with British intelligence, so Soviet agent Kristatos murdered them. The crossbow-wielding Melina is determined to see him dead. It's Melina's agenda, not Bond's, that really drives the movie. She's so consumed with rage that she doesn't let herself sleep with Bond until the end of the film.

But will she listen to Bond's warning that giving in to revenge could destroy her sesso Bond girl It's a shame the poster didn't show more of Melina than just her legs.

When Bond first meets Ms. Galore is also a judo expert, able to throw Bond to one side the first time he puts moves on her. Thanks to Pussy's help, Goldfinger goes down. Bond and his women don't spend a lot of time just hanging out, but The Living Daylights was an exception. Despite his agenda, Bond genuinely seems to enjoy spending time with Kara outside of the bedroom.

And who can blame him? As the 20th anniversary Bond, Die Another Day has lots of callbacks to the past. As the case continues, Bond runs into Jinx in the field too. She uses sex as a weapon just as effectively as Bond and executes her targets with a smile. After revealing her true agenda, she takes Bond captive: bedding him doesn't compromise her devotion to the job.

When the stunningly beautiful Sesso Bond girl Andress emerged from the Caribbean in her bikini, however, she set a standard for male fantasy that helped define the Bond series. Like Tatiana, Honey comes off an innocent. She seems almost unaware of her own beauty, and when she mentions killing her rapist, she has a childlike uncertainty about whether that was okay.

Unfortunately, her chief role in the film is to be protected, and to reward Bond when the protecting is done. Better Bond girls would follow in Honey's wake, but Andress will always have an iconic status as the original. This was a turning point for the series, the first time the Bond girl overshadowed the villain.

As portrayed by Famke JanssenOnatopp is a cheerful sociopath who loves fast cars, good cigars, and murder. Like Fiona Volpe, to imagine Bond turning her to the side sesso Bond girl the angels is to laugh. Onatopp's bad to the bone. In some Bond films, Onatopp would have completely dominated the film.

Played by s sex symbol Jill St. John, Tiffany Case she was born while her parents were ring-shopping is one of the sexiest Bond girls. She's also one of the first to have a strong agenda of her own. That makes her more interesting than Kissy, Domino, or Honey. Like Amasova and Melina, Wai Lin initially works at cross purposes with Bond, only to join forces when it turns out they have a common foe.

The villain is Elliott Carver, a media sesso Bond girl plotting a regime change sesso Bond girl China, something Wai Lin objects to as much as Bond does. What wins Wai Lin the 2 slot is that sesso Bond girl a cool character portrayed by a good actor.

Played by martial arts star Michelle YeohWai Lin is unsurprisingly breathtaking in the action sequences, fighting like an angel of death. When she and Bond are shackled together, they fall into instant partnership as if they'd been kicking butt as a team for years. In the words of an earlier Bond theme song, nobody does it better. Bond, though, has no intention of giving up his freedom for any woman.