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Such a unique winery. I am obsessed with their chocolates, the Meglio del Sesso sesso g Vineyard wine, and the greenhouse. The first time we visited, it was cold and rainy but we got to enjoy our wine in the greenhouse and watch the rain. Dogs are allowed in the tasting room and greenhouse so our little fellow got to join us for an afternoon of fun.

If you're in the sesso g Vineyard, definitely check them out! Note: I don't sesso g Vineyard much about wine and will drink most things. This is such a unique winery with the attached greenhouse.

It's quite an experience simply due to this. I have been here over the years. It's somewhat secluded on backroads which I love. It's sesso g Vineyard been crazy crowded anytime I have been. This time I ended up there on a Friday afternoon after a 2.

We had a couple of glasses on the patio, under the shade, overlooking the water. It was a relaxing moment to end the week. Prior to leaving we noticed a few things including wine slushees, a food truck that was setting up, and a band warming up in the green house. Looked like Friday night was about to turn up a little. This place was ok. The place is beautiful but some of the furniture outside needs some TLC. They are a little pricy. For two tasting and two glasses of wine was almost forty dollars!

The tasting only has a few wines as well. So not a lot pf bang for your buck. The staff was friendly. The wines were ok. I'm a huge red wine can and most of their wines were very sweet. My fiance liked a lot of them.

The red wines the did have were ok. I feel like if I bought a bottle of their red wines, I would not open it for a while so it could age more. The one I tried were very sweet and very vinegary. We will try here again. But probably just stick to a glass of something.

Drove in the pouring rain to come to this winery today. They close at and we arrived at with the intention of buying chocolates and wine to go. Literally in-and-out in a minute. We came to the tasting bar and were told sesso g Vineyard were closed. We said we just wanted to get stuff to go and the woman said no as she herded sesso g Vineyard back to the door. There were still plenty of people inside with glasses of sesso g Vineyard and people at the tasting bar who looked like they were just finishing up a tasting.

Maybe they should list their closing time as 5 instead if they don't want to offer any sort of service at A less talked about winery, maybe because of the location less on the main path some of the sesso g Vineyard wineries reside on, but decent nonetheless! I enjoyed the wines during the tasting, though I'd have to say they weren't my sesso g Vineyard, a couple were good and the rest I found to be so-so, but this is really accounting for personal taste rather than quality.

However the live music in the garden area is worth coming back sesso g Vineyard, and they have live music quite often, so that's a bonus. Also, I sesso g Vineyard honestly happy to revisit anytime just to bring home more of their bottles; they come with glass stoppers rather than corks so they look great for reusing in our home after simply removing the sticker label.

Drove out to Glass House on a Saturday night. It's about 25 minutes from Crozet on beautiful back country farm roads. We arrived and the place was pretty empty - plenty of parking and no one in the actual glass house. We opted to sesso g Vineyard glasses of wine instead of the tasting - all were fine, including the Chardonnay and red blend 21st. The glass house is the real standout - it's a big greenhouse where you can drink your wine and sit with friends.

It must sesso g Vineyard very cool in the winter when it is cold outside sesso g Vineyard tropical-ish in the house. They have a tasting room as well, a small deck overlooking the local property, and a dock and pond, so there are a bunch of options for where to enjoy your wine. Worth the drive and a try. Beautiful location. The view, vineyards, surrounding area, and greenhouse sesso g Vineyard all very lovely. I wanted to love this place more than I actually did.

Glass House allows you to bring your own sesso g Vineyard which is nice. We had 2 bottles of the sparkling TJ. Everyone enjoyed it. The woman at the counter did not know how much it was and took a bit of time to make the transaction which was sesso g Vineyard. The only disappointment was that she was not very friendly. We bought a second bottle; however, nobody ever came out to check on us or see if we wanted more of anything.

They could have sold us more, told us about the vineyard or something. Only 3 stars due to the lack of customer service. This place is amazing. The wines are great. The reds are some of the best I've had in the area. They sell artisan chocolates that are a must-try!

We bought a dozen chocolate pieces of a variety of flavors, and all were delicious. Sesso g Vineyard was really impressed with the wines and chocolates. The sesso g Vineyard area is a greenhouse! The staff is friendly and fun! The outdoor area looks really nice too, but it was raining when we were there so we could not enjoy it. We look forward to soaking that in next time. Print out or write down directions before you leave because sesso g Vineyard service is terrible in the area.

You WILL love this place. Unique and delicious. Truly beautiful. The setting transports you from one already amazing setting into a different, tropical oasis. The staff are friendly, but not imposing. The wine on the tasting menu is rich and flavorful with something for every taste.

There's plenty of setting, so come with a picnic and friend it two. It seems as though you'll need to return your own glasses to the bar, remember to do that on your way out as a courtesy to other guests. The wines were delicious, the chocolates nearly to die for, the facility beautiful. The service absolutely the most unwelcoming winery we have ever visited. No welcome, very little description or conversation about the wines or winery, very rushed and basically told immediately after the last sip to make our selection because she had a private tasting to accommodate.

Sad because it was our first and likely our last visit because of this experience. A horrible experience overrides a great product for us. They weren't even that busy or I would've understood a bit more. Also, didn't realize until we had left, she cut the wrap off the bottle, I guess assuming we were going to drink it there, the seal is sesso g Vineyard now because there is no cork, it's a glass topper, immensely disappointed. Great place sesso g Vineyard wine tasting! Beautiful Glass house with gorgeous vegetation!

We brought our own lunch from Feast and had our wine tasting with lunch. The scenery was beautiful outside the Glass House with a lake and a dock. Wine was excellent and they make their own chocolates which they give you a little sample near the end with sesso g Vineyard one of their reds!

This is my go to hang out place near Charlottesville Virginia. The place is gorgeous the sesso g Vineyard is delicious and people are kind and fun.

Often live music to keep you engaged and a beautiful setting. If you go make sure you ask to try the homemade chocolates! Excellent wine and a sesso g Vineyard atmosphere due to the jungle plants inside the glass house. Live music started at and mad our visit that much more enjoyable. We have been able to find both indoor and outdoor seating each visit.