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Also videotape. I tend to curse too much and ramble. BUT I have been very effective at getting terms out into the lexicon. Is your ex-husband a mason? You do not have to answer that. It just smacks that he is some type group of haters who will just add you to a list and do this to you.

Don't think of yourself as a victim. I don't care how it looks, get combination locks and use them on the front door. I do NOT like people in my things. I like to think Sesso online Repubblica pick up artist them falling down as they try to make their way through my yard with little unexpected things maybe making that difficult.

Make em work for it. The United States DOJ attorneys are doing no more than selective charging people for things it might take five years of videotape and recording to get them saying something not even remotely criminal and then they seize their assets. Check out the tomato king in california. The us attorneys in tampa fl are stalkers themselves. I say attorneys as for a long time we did not have one, as you may know.

We had interim A. Brian Albritton. For more on the other one robert e oneill merely google his name. Newly appointed in business with a criminal. I'm not even sure he's capable of legitimately practicing law. I auspect he may be Howard Jenkins dark horse in some type of official authority race later on. His criminal business partner lives in howard's backyard in a mcmansion. His wife came out of Sesso online Repubblica pick up artist way to get to know me.

When she did the first words she said to me were the password to my laptop. Irish Republican Army representatives. Irish Mafia this bunch likes to call themselves. There seem to be very few in Tampa who are not involved in Sesso online Repubblica pick up artist sick way. I always knew that but they never really bothered anyone. Why Sesso online Repubblica pick up artist who is doing this? I get this every single day running errands and to and from work.

I also have surveillance cameras in my bedroom and bathroom and the plates relate exactly to what I do during the day. I was writing a journal one day about my boyfriends jealousy and I said he is envious, the plate was 2envious4u. Hi, its far more deeper than using 'oh some group of god like people that cant be identified so we cant speak of Sesso online Repubblica pick up artist as serial murder predator stalkers and kidnappers.

Which is what they are, quit using the world 'gang or organized' because all of them, each one is breaking every law and they are murders. Thats right, they get paid in stock money - stalkers getting paid with stock market company fun. The company Edward Snowden, is one of those companys that gets paid to kill people for test results on the torture given. Police chiefs and School Superintendants provide the test subjects from age 3 to age I am the Strain all urine kid in the mkultra videos on that bed, they asre trying to kill me right now melting plastic and vinal and gray tape as well in Sesso online Repubblica pick up artist hit today at my house.

Good blog. Incidentally gang stalking is identical to Sesso online Repubblica pick up artist Game, so it is odd Sesso online Repubblica pick up artist authorities deny gang stalking exists when there is a mountain of evidence for Fair Game. I have only noticed one vehicle with the headlight pointed out. It comes through each morn around 4 am. I thougth it to be the car of the paper deliverer. Though I must admit I've caught a similar car in the daytime appear to take a photo of a neighbor's home.

And, before 4 am I've seen yet another similar car enter an empty home for sale after it's been sold. There are Texans that visit the area and two similar cars are always in their drive. However, a different vehicle that resides there has sat in front of my neighbors home, then moved to mine and called me. I have found that Texans visit our state for bank robbery jobs which are considered illegal in their state. These people can be seen photographing themselves in front of the post office after a bad check scam passed off with the same name of a company that calls right after a bad storm and your claim never appears though you did see loitering at the mailbox and can identify the car.

I have found it useless to call the police as they always refer the victim to call someone that requires funds. They simply do not provide law enforcement to women. The house bugging, drugging, etc. Some even beleive in phychic dogs, which is why they tail and harass the animals of their victims.

That and it Sesso online Repubblica pick up artist them access to drugs used for anestitic purposes and such. As far as the rfid chips. I had to guarded at Sprint when I tried to explain middleeasterners were harassing me and someone was tapping my phone.

No way. No one showed up to nab the suspects. No one cared. This same occurance happened after a major storm. Some middle easterner was stalking me. He had a dark brown ford kingcab dually with a diesal engine and his sidekick, white guy, had a chev scottsdale or cheyenne single cab truck that was dark brown, too.

You're right. Most times it can be traced back to Texas. I read your report on the heat and air. A similar thing happened to me after I replaced the AC. Someone chopped off a rabbits head and put it on top of the AC so I'd think the installer was after me.

I had known him for years. Met him next door to a vet whom people could barely work for because as soon as they'd leave to get a tool, she'd lock Sesso online Repubblica pick up artist out.

It's easy to see they'd been stalking her for some time. Others have been stalked after moving Sesso online Repubblica pick up artist. I know of one black woman whose tires were slashed and she kept getting harassing phone calls. They were putting her on the spy on your neighbor program because you never know which one could be a serial killer.

I know who did it. The same guy who ran in a nearby neighborhood letting out dogs so I'd think the dogcatcher was a serial killer. I knew him two. However, two identical cars tailed me across the state line following Christmas and each had Sesso online Repubblica pick up artist dog that fit the descrition of the ones he was looking for. This stalker drove a white chev. He also owns an extended cab and a trailor in which to drag the beast around. I didn't bother getting the tag numbers as I felt none of them were any good.

Another woman in a nearby neighbor hood had them leave objects in the same spot every night and when she went for her cancer treatment, she returned to find her back yard burned.

It was mid January. This is the person who recently burglasied a home in the same area looking for trash to convince me my new neighbors were stalking me--throwing it over the back fence. If they burn it to the ground or bug it and make them hire their buddies, they are on their own. They even threw a gas can up near my home They've driven to record my father and play it back so I'll fear for my family, and recently when a relative died I got three blocked calls that day which leads me to beleive they are cyberstalking my family.

Anything that is depressing and causes pain these people latch onto. PTSD is a Sesso online Repubblica pick up artist seller in the area. And, school in b ack in session so it's easy to spot them now. The give them drugs and they mob so no one person can be singled out. Did you ever dream they'd be teaching terrorism in American universities?

My blinkers both blink at the same time after I had it repaired after an auto accident. Sesso online Repubblica pick up artist haven't fixed it yet. I just thought they made a mistake. However, when I got it out, a screw was missing from the seat. In the shop at the time were two military police cars and the militarised police in that area hang out there. Two city police U-turned in front of me as I was taking it to the shop.

I doubt the owner did it if it was done on purpose. It's their way to make false accusations and cause suspion and paranoia.