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This item is only available as the following downloads: XML. Florida Marks 29th Anniversary The Hebrew date, Ivor 5, which officially marks the rsary of the State of Israel, this year falls on In Israel, anil throughout the world, the oc- therefore being marked on Thursday, Apr. Hd'dtzmaut celebration events will be held through- i ml. IQCQl 24, at 8 p. Richard S.

Sch- weiker. All he had to do was ask Sadat of Egypt. Assad of Syria and Hussein of Jordan whether they were prepared to go to Geneva without pre-conditions and negotiate a settlement with Israel Analysis ment of the Arab-Israel conflict in the Middle East.

It has permitted itself to be diverted from the fund- amental, transcending issue which is whether the Donna con sauna Tomsk states are prepared to sit down and negotiate not a continuing armistice with Israel, but a solid Donna con sauna Tomsk agreement pro- viding unequivocal Arab recognition of the right of Israel to exist as a sovereign state in the comity of nations. Egypt, Syria and Jordan, to enter into a binding peace agreement with Israel that will remove the threat of another Arab-Israeli war is the real issue, not what the terrorists who make up the Palestine Liberation Organization have to say about Israel at any given moment.

For Secretary of State Cyrus R. Vance to have indicated that his mission to the Middle East was to ascertain whether the PLO Donna con sauna Tomsk become moderate enough to be invited to parti- cipate in a Geneva conference was to display II an ignorance of the realities of the Middle East situation; 2 an undiscriminating reliance on the advice of the State Department Arabists whom he has continued in office; 3 a cynical readiness to impose a settlement in the Donna con sauna Tomsk East at Israel's expense that will appease the oil sheikhs and strengthen the American position in the Arab world.

He would also have had to Donna con sauna Tomsk King Khalid's deputy in Riadh whether Saudi Arabia would permit the other Arab states to make such a commitment. Saudi Arabia pays the Donna con sauna Tomsk piper and calls the tunes. Israel has repeatedly insisted that she was prepared to negotiate without pre-conditions on every question at issue. Every statement by Sadat or any other Arab leader, for that matter, on his eagerness to get to Geneva and.

There would only be a formal surrender for the Israeli delegation to sign. It was almost a year to the Donna con sauna Tomsk since the Egyptian leader paid Bonn his first official visit Egypt's relations with the West have steadily improved since President Sadat ousted his predecessor's pro-Soviet advisers in May, This query is made without the slightest intention of being cynical.

In foreign affairs dip- lomatic Donna con sauna Tomsk is frequently at loggerheads with common sense. In its last three issues, the United Synagogue Review, quarterly magazine of the United Synagogue of America, congregational representative of America's Conservative congregations, has published articles which discuss women in Jewish law, women as synagogue presidents and even the possibil- ity of women rabbis.

In the magazine's forthcoming issue, to be published later this month, Rabbi Robert Gordis, Professor of Bible at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, argues that Conser- vative Judaism, far from lagging behind in its search to advance women's rights, is heading steadily forward.

In a review of the changing role of women in Jewish life and law Rabbi Gordis argues, in effect, not only that Conservative Judaism has come a long way but that it made changes even before women's liberation was fashionable. He points out that back in the 's, the Rabbinical Assembly Committee on Law and Stan- dards grappled with the problem of the agunah, or deserted wife. Gromyko Donna con sauna Tomsk the comment in response to a direct question from the U. Shlomo Avineri, director- general of the Foreign Ministry.

This possibility was discussed at the Summit Donna con sauna Tomsk which took place in Khartoum last Donna con sauna Tomsk and in which Egypt, Syria and Sudan participated. At this con- ference, the declarations that the Red Sea is an "Arab Sea" were repeated on many occasions. Canada: and Joel Sussman, Chief Justice.

Supreme Court of Israel. The function will coincide with Law Day U. Five other vice presidents were also elected at the annual meeting of the worldwide Jewish migration agency's Board of Directors on Mar. Israel's interim Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin stressed Israel's commitment to peace in a message to world Jewry released here this week on the occasion of the 29th anniversary of Israel's independence. He said that "Israel is ready to join in any reasonable initiative that will bring our sovereign neighbors to the negotiating table face-to-face with us at the Geneva peace conference.

Maysaja Friadaarg For all your title needs. Abo local moving I long distance moving anywhara in tha U. The book states that following the hijacking. Israel had sought Interpols help "and forwarded secret information to their Paris headquarters, only to discover that the Arabs had gotten hold of it. Yeshayahu Ben- Porat. Eitan Haber. King Hussein of Jordan has appointed a special court which sentences to death Arabs who sell land to Jews. This is verified by the official government news- paper which announced that two Arabs from the West Bank were sentenced to death in absentia because they sold land to Jews.

As a result, the West Bank Arabs are more reluctant to conclude land transactions with Jews and the price of land has therefore risen. But sale of land to Jews has not been stopped by the action of the special court.

The American Association for Jewish Education will convene a major conference this June in Washington to lay the blueprint for an integrated, five-year program of Jewish family education throughout the United States and Canada. Arthur Brody. Peter Jankowitch. The document states that the PLO is ready to agree to peace with Israel if the obligation is reciprocated by Israel.

That is to say that Israel will have to demonstrate her readiness to discuss all the problems Donna con sauna Tomsk to that peace. After Israel has retreated from all occupied areas, the newly established inde- pendent Palestinian state would agree to terminate the state of war with Israel.

The newspaper quotes diplomatic sources which say that Donna con sauna Tomsk preparation of this plan is based on the Saudis' fears that Israel will attack their oil MM Donna con sauna Tomsk military expert of Financial Times writes that the Israel forces have atomic weapons and are generally much stronger than they were during the Yom Kippur War.

He points out Donna con sauna Tomsk Israel has war planes of the latest models and 60 older planes. Together with the F15s which Israel is getting at present from America.

Israel's defense forces should be able to defeat all the Arab armies in case of a new war. Egypt has Donna con sauna Tomsk war planes, Syria hasand Jordan has Israel has 2, tanks at present, Syria has 2. The expert is of the opinion that the danger of a new Donna con sauna Tomsk is now much smaller because Egypt is now much weaker, and Syria is preoccupied with strengthening her position in Lebanon.

However, Gen. Arik Sharon is of a totally different opinion. At a press conference, he forecast that the Arabs would attack Israel in the summer or the fall. He went on to Donna con sauna Tomsk that it would not be total war because the Arabs know that they are incapable of defeating Israel.

They will launch "little wars" on many fronts in the framework of a new war of attrition. In the opinion of Gen. Sharon, Israel is sitting on a "powder keg. Norman Lamm, Sunday. May 1 at the New York Hilton Hotel.

The Doctor of Laws degree will be conferred upon Warren E. Chief Justice. Supreme Court; Bora Laskin. Supreme Court of Highlighted devoted to by the a session subject, "Jerusalem Reunited. May I wWdh3 to an intensive survey of the rot of Conservative Judaism! Springboard for the dis- cussion will be the com memoration of the 75th an. Solon Schechter to head the Jewish Theological Seminar.

We make available considerate, prompt and economical service in New Yorkand in all other states. We arrange burial in Israel within 24 hours. We maintain Yahrzeit records for a family's use if needed. The Malo chapter of the Student [niggle for Soviet Jewry is lanning legal action against as Theater after the hall Inoved a prepaid full-page KSJ ad from it- program, and [airily guards attacked youth- demonstrators during a Irformance of the Osipov la laika Orchestra.

Iniks at the ginning of the performance at they had withdrawn a verbal ritiiunt tn permit the dis- libutiiin ut Soviet Jewry Jrature inside the hall, the luths took ii huge "Let My tuple in' banner to their seats Id hung it from t he balcony. The in- Fed were brought to Is- Nl through the Donna con sauna Tomsk in pe border fence. A Christian militiaman who F'cpated in the battle for the P'age of Hiam, now in the hands lu 1 tlne terror'sts. Donna con sauna Tomsk family owned and "lrated chapel '""mi;Orthodox.

Several were thrown against a wall and handcuffed, then forcibly taken from the hall. Members of the audience Donna con sauna Tomsk protested the abuse. One woman was told by the officers "this is none of your business; watch the show," and shoved back into her seat. She and several other patrons walked out in protest against the attack. I sat down in front of the main entrance in protest, holding up photos of Prisoners of Conscience as Israel Zalmanson and I. Their chants could be heard inside the hall.

The ad in controversy is bordered by strands of barbed wire and a Star of David wrapped in chains and lock. It reads: "Free Velena Alexievna Oronova. Orchestra Leader. The Russian government refused to let her live free in the country of her choice. A direct violation of the Helsinki Agreement.