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We go to as many shows as possible to give you a curated perspective on the art scene. Johannes Evangelist church in Berlin-Mitte. In the sacred space of St. Johannes-Evangelist-Church in Berlin-Mitte, the exhibition BEYOND presents forms of contemporary artistic discourse with a topic that not only exists in different cultures and religions but are also closely linked to individual existence and personal experience.

The monumental, black and white charcoal and chalk drawings by artist Raquel Maulwurf Livingstone Gallery, The Hague Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso prospects of the sea, deep looks into the forest or in the cosmos. They evoke the question of a world behind an indicated horizon. The light-filled spaces in the photographs of Nicole Ahland Wichtendahl Gallery, Berlin show dissolving spatial boundaries and the view into intense light.

The glaring emptiness is reminiscent of the threshold of the transition into another world. The painted movemen ts of the young girls in the Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso by Line Gulsett Torch Gallery, Amsterdam let the protagonists appear blurred like ghosts, dissolved and detached from the real world around them. The artwork How long do butterflies live? Artists draw on classical motifs such as flowers, mirrors, masks and candles or dedicate their work to the transience of nature or the everyday.

Formally, an abstract centerless all-over pattern that could be infinitely extended, forms an important, disparate reference to the finiteness of existence. The artist Grigori Dor janinebeangallery, Berlin creates still lives in the style of the old masters. In a black space, flowers, mask-like faces, wings or animal skeletons float into a balanced arrangement and seem to come out of and sink back into the black depth. The inner contains a spine-like spiral staircase in the mirrored space, which throws the viewer back to himself.

The soil rubbings, organized leaves or framed ears by herman de vries who uses all lowercase letters as a symbol of his belief in equality Wit Gallery, Amsterdam exude a lightness that takes away the gravity of evanescence and extols the diversity and beauty of life.

In his paintings Luca Grimaldi Rutger Brandt Gallery, Amsterdam presents human achievements such as ATMs, magazine racks or chillers filled with beer bottles in Berlin Spätis that expose the transience of everyday existence.

In Black Ice, her camera glides across the fragile and brittle coat of ice of a deep black river. The all-over patterns of the drawings, engravings or paper punches by John Regin Inga Kondeyne Gallery, Berlin show a man-made, ordered structure without a center that serves as counterpart to finitude by pointing towards an infinite continuation beyond the image edge.

Anne Forest, nandag,courtesy the artist and Bart Gallery, Amsterdam. Contemporary artists create reinterpretations of Christian icons in their works and translate classic realistic portraits.

With their naive and clear visual language, the mysterious portraits of people and animals by the artist Anne Forest Bart Gallery, Amsterdam emanate an iconic peace. Painted on carpet, the base material determines its haptic surface structure. The often pastel or earth-colored photographic portraits in front of a monochrome background by the artist Jörg Klaus Carsten Seifert Gallery, Berlin contain the expression of different human characters that appear disconnected from reality or Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso in the very present.

Silvia Levenson, How long do butterflies live? It is the first large-scale exhibition of the collection to be held in New York in over thirty years. The Drawing Center show concentrates on minimal and conceptual drawing, which forms the core of the collection, with classic examples from key figures like Mel Bochner, Hanne Darboven, Eva Hesse, and Lawrence Weiner. It also includes works by artists such as Alighiero Boetti, Jan Dibbets, Kazuko Miyamoto, and Fred Sandback that investigate mark-making in unexpected materials and formats.

Finally, the exhibition features select works by LeWitt himself—including a wall drawing—that resonate with the other objects on view. Presenting work in drawing, sculpture, photography, print, and installation, Drawing Dialogues: Selections from the Sol LeWitt Collection re-examines minimal and conceptual art and the parameters of the drawn medium through the organizing lens of one of its greatest practitioners. What is less known is that LeWitt was also an avid collector who during his lifetime amassed an extraordinary ensemble of over 4, pieces by approximately artists through purchase, exchange, and gifts.

It is also Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso portrait of artistic developments in the s and s, when European and American minimal and conceptual art came into Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso own. Indeed, the collection can be viewed as a lived archive of the Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso in which LeWitt moved and worked, even as it examines the possibilities for conceptual art across media, disciplines, and time periods.

Sol LeWitt Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso was an American artist and a pioneering figure within minimal and conceptual art. His instruction-based wall drawings and modular structures emphasize the importance of idea over finished result and distill form to its primary elements: line, color, and shape.

Though LeWitt worked in drawing, photography, printmaking, and sculpture over the course of his career, he is perhaps best remembered Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso his wall drawings whose linear instructions can be carried out by others thereby underscoring his lifelong commitment to collaborative artistic production. Both as a young artist living in New York and throughout his career, LeWitt acquired work by practitioners he admired and who were often his friends. His curiosity and generosity were an inextricable part of his artistic legacy.

The German-born artist Josef Albers is remembered for his work as an educator at the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College, and Yale University and for his book Interaction of Colora foundational text on color and perception. Marron, Leon B. Its activities, which are both multidisciplinary and broadly historical, include exhibitions; Open Sessions, a curated artist program encouraging community and collaboration; the Drawing Papers publication series; and education and public programs.

It is this very dynamism that has come to define Kinetic Art. Simply put Kinetic Art explores how things look when they move. I met a famous Dadaist—Hans Richter. He wrote this book, Dada and anti-Dadain which he reproduced two of my works. That was when I felt the surge to advance.

Piove con il sereno,PVC, acrylic and paper on panel, x cm. Dadaism rooted such discourse in its rebellious, anarchic tone. Attempting to challenge the aesthetic norms imposed by society, the avant-garde Dadas supplied perspective that Kinetic Art traverses sensitively. Shimmering, long eyelashes frame a focal point, whose pupil grips onto yours. Fluttering your perspective into various questionable realities, Kinetic Art suggests that for most things—there is neither one solution nor identity.

The electronic art age will eventually take over. Whether there will be progress or Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso regression as a result, we will never know.

It Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso ly steers viewers away from the conventional belief that we are controlled by what we see. That is, we are drawn to interact with what we choose to see. Tra gli spazi del nulla,acrylic and nails on canvas and panel, 60 x 62 cm.

So what do we mean by eggsplotion? The outcome Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso a straightforward physical pheno menon, the representation of some kind of culinary reassurance rooted in recourse to energy profusion. From Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso this title emerge new artworks produced by different ideas, places and modes of collaboration. Theory, technology, mankind Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso food are brought together in the exhibition space by some accidental process.

Clearly, then, theory looms large — but so does technology. Here music is mainly used by Adriana Lara as a visual field for quite a range of colours, spaces and lines. The song used for this installation is a dance piece like any other pop music product: a mix of cultural references sort of sound sandwich whose different layers we can nonetheless readily visualize.

A kind of audiovisual readymade projected onto a curved screen that underscores its cyclical character. Spoken in English by a digitized voice, the words Wild, Animal, Disco, and Deviant are some of the random components of the composition, backed up by a repertoire of especially heady generic sounds; the upshot being a light-hearted multicultural hit who sources are elusive.

Through my multimedia approach, I capture the natural world illustrating our motivations and emotions, looking for the precise moment when mastering a static or moving image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy. The perpetual movements of an ocean, or the endless variations of a skyscape, reflect in my work our shifting internal gestures and motions — in a constant movement from still to moving images where the eternal is reconciled with the quotidian.

Robert Bianchi is a photographer born in New York in Bianchi uses the photographic medium as a way to explore dreamy and spiritual dreamscapes through carefully composed digital compositions. His practice merges a deep contemplation of human nature, suspended between materiality and spirituality, with an obsessive attention to fractali c details and classical compositions. Bianchi has been a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome and his work has been exhibited and collected by Museums around the world.

Robert Bianchi was the first artist working in photography to be given a one-person exhibition at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, highly acclaimed in the New York Times. I have always been interested in the human form from a purely aesthetic perspective, but Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso have also always felt a strong connection between body and spirit. My images depict both corporeal and metaphysical beings. When we fall in love our heart pangs and our stomach turns into knots.

Our feelings, hopes and aspirations both affect and are affected by our physicality. I want my work to express this need for multiple connections across materiality and spirituality, interdependence and Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso.

The worlds I depict are always pantheistic. In my dreamscapes everything is related to everything else, everything is alive, everything is trying Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso express its inner world.

I carefully compose my fractalic representations, with a particular attention to both the overall composition and its smallest details. My surreal scenes are composed of multiple photographs shot in infrared and then elaborated into enormous dig ital collages were single pictures become infinitesimal details. Most of my landscapes have been shot in Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso, and all of them throughout my travels in Asia. In other cases I use a digital camera to acquire several images of nudes in my studio in New York, shooting a few models at a time, sometimes two or three, other times five or six.

Then, in post production, I blend them together in a meticulously crafted layered compositions, until their twisted and enhanced bodies can express my feelings and ideas. The fine link between Jazz and Fine arts- is the creative liberty.

Devoid of theory- but that comes with passion, time, and rehearsal. The abstractness in delicate art, as well as in standard Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso is a common gulf- therefore, there was a lot of room both for artists and musicians to investigate this fizzled fine line. I as a musician and writer besides being an art lover pulled on a lot of strings as I sifted and surfed through the art pieces defining jazz under the radar of artistic a pplause.

I could clearly witness the past, present, and future of jazz living through the times in fine arts. How various artworks were curated, compiled and put together to compose this unique insignia from various eras- is rather fascinating. Iconography, technique, roots, stylization and colorfulness was all inhibited and embedded in each of the frame hanging out of the walls.

It was like a timeline of Jazz and how it flourished in the sanctity of colors whether it was a poster, portrait or invitation of jazz show. It was quite astonishing how the artists viewed jazz and thereby interpreted it in various art forms on a variety of media, colors and techniques. My favorite was also the central presentation of the exhibition- Dick Griffin, the legendary Jazz trombonist, and painter.

His paintings are aggressive, experimental and rather abstract like a jazz walk or an open improvisational jazz session. You could hear his wind solos in his strokes- the choice of colors and the liberty Girls Guarda il video big ass sesso gave to the viewer; to decipher his works with hints, shades and tips of what musical element it can envisage is very mindful. I have lived this life and I could sense its pulse. The symbolic confetti on its canvas gave me the sense of celebration, festivity and musical fiesta that musicians carry and spread around Mississippi throughout the night.

Its luring abstractness concealed many secrets and legends that travel circles before, during and after the night is long over.